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精油收納包 by Maia


💝 義賣產品不扣成本全數撥捐 Young Living Foundation




外袋尺寸: 26 x 26 x 9.5 cm

活動式棉格容量 42格(可容納5ml/10ml/15ml精油)+ 1大格 (闊4 x 24 x 7.5 cm



  • 黑色
  • 藍色 (極少量)
  • 淺紫色 (極少量)


** 請在「新增說明」註明您的顏色選擇 **


精油收納包 by Maia

HK$200.00 一般價格
  • 訂單經確認後將有專人通知付款。接受PayMe或直接銀行存款付款。 

    All payments are due upon confirmation. Manual Payment accepts PayMe or Direct Bank Deposit.

  • 訂單確認後,可選擇以下方式發貨/取貨:

    1. 到佐敦GPOWER精油世界自取
    2. 免費本地郵政郵件 (買家須承擔風險,包括寄失或損毁)
    3. SF快遞到付服務 (SF寄送費用將由買方負責),確保您的地址輸入正確

    Orders will be dispatched after confirmation,please confirm the mode of delivery :

    1. Pick up order at Jordan GPower
    2. Free Local Mail by HK Post (GPower is not liable for the loss, damage, delay, non-delivery or misdelivery of anything sent by post)
    3. SF Express (Pay on Delivery). Please ensure your address is entered correctly. 


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