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A Proven & Powerful Tool To Build Your Young Living Business!

The Four Year Career® for Women is for any woman adventurous enough to open it up and begin the journey to a richermore fulfilling, more purpose-driven life.

Written by Kimmy Brooke, who went from struggling single mom to building a team of 20,000 (on her lunch break!), this is the exciting new YOUNG LIVING edition of The Four Year Career® for Women.

Filled with inspirationstories and "from one woman to another" moments, give this book to all the women in your life and open their hearts and minds to this incredible profession of Network Marketing and to the Young Living business model. 

Their personal journey will lead them to answer one pivotal question: Is this for me?


Grow Your Young Living Biz with The Four Year Career® for Women

  • Quick, fun read allows women to answer questions and explore their lives in a personal, journaling type way.
  • Helps women understand how Network Marketing works ... and why they were born to excel at it!
  • Highlights the sisterhood and bond of women in the profession.
  • Features the inspiring success stories of women who have rockedNetwork Marketing ... includes tips on how you can too.

The Four Year Career® for Women: Young Living Edition (Autographed by Gretchen)

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    Buy 25-99 copies at 25% discount (BULK25-99)

    Buy 100 copies or more at 50% discount (BULK100)

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